Our dedicated team has a combined 85 plus years of medical and life care planning experience. We’ve combined physician expertise with the best in life care planning methodology to set a new standard in life care planning. Non-physician life care planners don’t have the expertise to establish medical foundations and most physician life care planners don't have the experienced team to provide adequate case management foundations. By providing both we offer higher quality cost effective life care plans that are patient specific and individualized with strong scientific, medical, and case management foundations.

Richard A Liles MD, CLCP is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and a certified life care planner with over 28 years of experience as medical director at HealthSouth caring for patients with catastrophic injuries and chronic illnesses. He served on the HealthSouth National Physician Advisory Board and on the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Advisory Committee on Prosthetic and Special Disability Programs in Washington, DC and was named National Medical Director of the Year by HealthSouth Rehabilitation Corporation.

Julie A Kitchen CCM, CLCP has over 35 years of experience in the research and preparation of life care plans with Paul M. Deutsch. She and Paul M. Deutsch actually developed the Life Care Planning Process and Methodology as it is known today. In 2008 she was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual International Symposium on Life Care Planning.

Leslie L Watson MA, CRC, CDME has over 26 years of experience providing medical cost research services in the life care planning field. She worked with Paul M. Deutsch for 10 years and as a private consultant for the past 16 years. She has been an author for the Life Care Planning and Case Management Handbook and a presenter for the life care planning training course at the University of Florida.